Installing an Indicator on MetaTrader 4

  Download and Start the Installation

To find your download and license key head over to Downloads & Keys.
Locate the downloaded zip file, and double-click to open.  Then double-click the file to launch the installation.

You may see a blue pop-up “Windows protected your PC” click More Info and confirm the Publisher is Rider Trading Tools LLC.

Click Run anyway button to proceed.


  Confirm the Installer

Click Yes to continue.

  Welcome screen

Click Next to continue.


  Review the License Agreement

Read the End-User License Agreement, and then accept and click Next to continue.


  Enter your License key and Email

Enter your license key and your email (used when purchasing the indicator), and then click Next to continue.


  Review your MetaTrader 4 installations

The installer will locate your MT4 data folder.  If you have more than one platform it will install the indicator into each.
Review the list of MetaTrader 4 installations, and then click Install to continue.


  Installation complete

Once the installer has completed the installation into each of your MetaTrader 4 platforms the process is complete.
Click Finish to exit the installer.


  Refresh the MetaTrader 4 Indicators

Once the installation is complete, you should refresh the list of MetaTrader 4 indicators, to ensure the new indicator is shown in MT4.
Right-click on the Indicators in the Navigator view, and click Refresh.



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