MT4 Local Time (Demo Version)


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Display your Local Time on your charts


  • Your local time instead of MT4 server time
  • Crosshair highlights candle time & price
  • Instantly adjusts to zooming chart in/out
  • Displays on every timeframe (M1 – Month)
  • Automatic adjust when timeframe is changed
  • Renders fast (no lag) when scrolling charts
  • Handles ½ hour time zones (like India)
  • Super easy and fast to use!
  • Customize font family, font size, and colors
  • Clean and easily readable

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Designed for Traders, Developed by Traders.

Developed through an exclusive collaboration with Rider Capital Group, meticulously designed to provide the absolute best trading experience and assist your high-yield results.


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What time is it ?

Out of the box the MetaTrader 4 charts are based on your broker’s server time, and there is NO WAY to change it.

You may find yourself constantly asking:
“what time is that candle?” 

Find the time!

Display your local time on every candle, instead of (or along with) MT4 server time.

Display the crosshair to pinpoint current candle time and precise price wherever your mouse is.

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Demo contains all features.

Fully functional.

No disabling timebomb.

No limited trial period.

Operates on EUR/USD charts, on the M1, H1, and D1 timeframes.

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Data Hover tooltip

Display the  Data Hover tooltip to show current Candle’s:

    • Local time
    • Price of the mouse pointer
    • Candle Open price
    • Candle High price
    • Candle Low price
    • Candle Close price
    • Candle volume

Works seemlessly with custom bar timeframes, such as M2, M3, M4, M10 generated by

FX Blue Tick Charts for MT4

“This is AWESOME! something that even MT5 should have included.
Works great on my MT4 platform, it’s just what I’ve been looking for.
Perfect. Worthy buy, you won’t regret it.”

Style Presets Included!

Includes 4 preset color styles! Automatically installed with product.

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