MT4 Local Time


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Chart Local Time:
Display your Local Time on your charts


  • Your MT4 local time instead of MT4 server time
  • Crosshair highlights candle time & price
  • Instantly adjusts to zooming chart in/out
  • Displays on every timeframe (M1 – Month)
  • Works with Oscillators
  • Automatic adjust when timeframe is changed
  • Renders fast (no lag) when scrolling charts
  • Handles ½ hour time zones (like India)
  • Super easy and fast to use!
  • Customize font family, font size, and colors
  • Clean and easily readable
  • Works on RENKO charts
  • Works on custom bar timeframes (M2, M3, etc)
(6 customer reviews)

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Designed for Traders, Developed by Traders.

Developed through an exclusive collaboration with Rider Capital Group, meticulously designed to provide the absolute best trading experience and assist your high-yield results.


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What time is it ?

Out of the box the MetaTrader 4 charts are based on your broker’s server time, and there is NO WAY to change it.

You may find yourself constantly asking:
“what time is that candle?” 

Find the time!

Display your local time on every candle, instead of (or along with) MT4 server time.

Display the crosshair to pinpoint current candle time and precise price wherever your mouse is.

Try the Demo Version!

Demo contains all features.

Fully functional.

No disabling timebomb.

No limited trial period.

Operates on EUR/USD charts, on the M1, H1, and D1 timeframes.

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Data Hover tooltip

Display the  Data Hover tooltip to show current Candle’s:

    • Local time
    • Price of the mouse pointer
    • Candle Open price
    • Candle High price
    • Candle Low price
    • Candle Close price
    • Candle volume

Works seemlessly with custom bar timeframes, such as M2, M3, M4, M10 generated by

FX Blue Tick Charts for MT4

“This is AWESOME! something that even MT5 should have included.
Works great on my MT4 platform, it’s just what I’ve been looking for.
Perfect. Worthy buy, you won’t regret it.”

Style Presets Included!

Includes 4 preset color styles! Automatically installed with product.

Indicator Reviews

6 reviews for MT4 Local Time

  1. Alexander Amah (verified owner)

    I will begin my review by discussing the customer service/support team at Rider Trading Tools, before delving into the MT4 Local Time indicator.

    Technical Support Team
    I recently downloaded the MT4 Local Time Demo Version and was impressed by its capabilities. However, as I traded with multiple brokers on my four different PCs and three VPSs, I found myself in a dilemma. I reached out to the support team at Rider Trading Tools and was pleasantly surprised by their generosity in providing assistance. The Support Team provided me with a special discount code that allowed me to purchase two licenses for the price of one indicator at a discounted price. The team promptly generated additional licenses for me upon payment for each indicator. I was pleased with the prompt response of the Support Team to my financial concern as a customer and their swift action to resolve the issue. The support team displayed empathy towards me as a customer, making me feel valued and happy. They went the extra mile beyond my expectations, and they added a personal touch to my service experience.

    The MT4 Local Time indicator.
    As a trader who uses brokers in different time zones, the chart’s date-time stamp based on the broker’s server time has not been useful. However, with the MT4 Local Time indicator, this problem is solved. I can customize the display by changing font, color, and highlighting for easy reading. MT4 Local Time indicator includes a customizable crosshair for chart analysis. By allowing me to change time frames and scroll through charts, the MT4 Local Time indicator helps me make better and more concise decisions. My charts’ analysis is now comprehensive, with the MT4 Local Time indicator working alongside my various MT4 indicators. The MT4 chart resolution improves the identification of price and candle values for efficient trading.

  2. Deanna Sunde (verified owner)

    Works great! I was using a different one like this with more capabilities (too much really) but was always running into licensing issues. This one is much simpler and very easy to use. I researched a lot and this is the only other one I could find that did this so nicely. Support team is also very good.

  3. Calvin (verified owner)

    I have used several chart tools that allow you to view local time on your MT4 charts. Most of them caused problems that I’ve never seen before. One had a dll file that was memory hungry. Another one that I have been using for a couple of years went out of business (I assume) & the app stopped working.

    CHART LOCAL TIME is a simple & elegant application that leaves a small footprint on my platforms. It’s simple to customize and renders my charts visibly appealing. GREAT INDICATOR!!!

  4. Ken (verified owner)

    Terrific. Wish I had found it sooner.

  5. NatNim (verified owner)

    The Chart Local Time Indicator is simple, yet so amazing and handy. Finally, it is now easy to analyze Trades. Thank you! This makes Trading much easier and fun since we don’t have to compare the Local Time with the Broker Time. Everything is now synchronized to one Time: the Local Time!

  6. Florin (verified owner)

    This is AWESOME! something that even MT5 should have included. works great on my MT4 platform, it’s just what I’ve been looking for. perfect. worthy buy, you won’t regret it.

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