High Volume Candles (Demo Version)


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Alerted when a High Volume Candle forms

When will price Break-out of Consolidation?


  • Price consolidation is when bars open & close within true range of previous bar.
  • Get alerts when consolidation forms, and when price breaks out of consolidation.
  • Works in real time, only on closed bars.
  • Use on all timeframes (M1, M15, H1, Daily, etc).
  • Customizable colors and style.

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Price Level Breakout

Get alerted to a High Volume Candle, then watch for break-out & retrace to the support/resistance level!

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Demo contains all features.

Fully functional.

No disabling timebomb.

No limited trial period.

Operates on EUR/USD charts, on the M1, H1, and D1 timeframes.

Demo is fully functional except it does not send email alerts.

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