Key Levels + Zones


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Highlight even numbered price levels


Indicator clearly displays the even numbered price levels: “00s” and “50s”.

Displays “Straddle Zones” which are preset pips on each side of even numbered price levels.

Renders a “Risk Zone” of Support/Resistance:

  • The risk zone straddles even numbered price.
  • The zones act as natural Support & Resistance.
  • Zone relates to where many traders place their stops; therefore can be risky and known to steer clear when placing your stops.
  • Zone is almost a price magnet!
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What are Psychological Levels and How Do They Work?


“Psychological levels are market price levels which are often key levels in forex denoted by round numbers. These round numbers frequently act as levels of support and/or resistance.”

Traders will often call these whole number intervals ‘double-zeros’ (00‘s), as these prices are at even numbers such as 1.31000 on EUR/USD, 1.57000 on GBP/USD or 132.00 on GBP/JPY.

Some traders will take this a step further by looking at the number directly in the middle of these whole numbers or ‘the fifties’ (50‘s).  These levels, such as 1.31500 on EUR/USD or 131.50 on GBP/JPY can often come into play in the same manner as the ‘double-zeros.’

For more info on key levels, see article:  
Psychological Levels & Round Numbers in Forex Trading


The zones act as natural levels of Support & Resistance.
They are almost price magnets!

Indicator Reviews

2 reviews for Key Levels + Zones

  1. Michael Gathemia (verified owner)

    The most underated indicator people do not know about. I’m glad I found this. Suitable use with the weekly timeframe.

  2. Kymier Casson Fraizer (verified owner)

    With the added straddled feature is a good eye opener, I use ATS mapping software and love to see the red box paint directly on them. Thank you. I also use RENKOS frim ovo, and Boi I tell you, things can’t get easier then this.

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