ZigZag Leg Break


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Is Price Trending…?

Know when ZigZag legs break!


  • Triggers alerts when price closed beyond last zigzag.
    Crucial to confirm a trend is evolving in a healthy manner.
  • Works in real time, on closed bars.
    Avoids false-positives due to repainting.
  • Requires 2 closed bars beyond the last high/low zigzag.
    Confirms a valid zigzag break.
  • Use on any timeframe (M1, M5, H4, Daily, etc).
  • Customizable colors and style.

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Is it a Trend?

Indicator cleanly displays when price closes beyond the last high/low zigzag.  This is important to confirm a trend is evolving in a healthy manner:

“To confirm a trend is evolving in a healthy manner, not only do we need to see price moving higher/lower than its previous high/low, we also expect to see at least two closes beyond that high/low as further evidence that the market is accepting and building value. Failure to see at least two closes may be a precursor to what’s often referred to as false breakout, and while the move still holds its merit to qualify as a new high/low in the cycle, the quality of the leg is poor in nature.”
– Ivan Delgado

For more details on validated zigzag legs and market structures, check out this article: 
How To Read Market Structures In Forex

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Operates on EUR/USD charts, on the M1, H1, and D1 timeframes.

Demo is fully functional except it does not send email alerts.

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Catch the Trend!

Get notified when a zigzag leg is broken and watch it become a trend!

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Get notified when zigzag leg is broken!

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